Our young women have been going to the Temple about once a month and I record the names of the people they are baptised for and then I type them up and give them to the young women to put in their book of remembrances or journals.  As I was typing up the names, I thought it would be nice to type some of the names that each of the girls have been baptised for and put them up in our room and as they are coming in the room ask them if they know who these people are.  I would then like to do some type of activity to help them realize the importance of staying worthy to attend the temple and how important these baptisms are.

Karan Burns

Our ward has what we call "the value bear"  He is a cute, brown bear that each month the girls take turns dressing him in the value color! The girl that dresses our bear also gives the value lesson (spiritual thought) for the  month. The bear then is displayed throughout the month until the next month when he will get a new look!
The girls love it!!!

We've all done activities like changing tires and oil in the car so the girls can learn "knowledge."  We decided to do something a little different and the girls really enjoyed it.  We have some men in our ward who love to fish and have a lake nearby so we decided to ask them to come to an activity and share their knowledge of fishing with the girls.  They did it in short form and them we let them fish (we held the activity at the lake) They really had a good time and learned alot and didn't even mind cleaning the fish!  We decided to freeze them and teach them how to cook them next month.

We just had a Young Womanhood Recognition night and did something neat for the girls.  They really liked it so I wanted to pass it along.  We handed each girl a piece of stationary (8 1/2 x 11 size) one for each girl getting the award and asked them to write something about each girl.  Some really neat letters were written - we made binders for them and added some sheets of journal paper so they could write down some of their memories from Young Women.  They were presented at the recognition night.  (We used YW clip art and made our own stationary - it was run off on parchment and really looked nice)

We are going to have a book review of "As I Have Loved You"  It has been out for about one year and talks of the experiences a Young girl had while in the concentration camps.  She has only one treasure and that is a special doll.  At the end of the war, she has lost her family and everything.  She finds her nanny who had taken care of her before the war only to find that the family jewels had been sewn into the doll stuffing and were there for her to begin a new life.  We are going to have the mothers join us and help the girls make their own rag dolls and for the personal progress goals they accomplish this year, they will receive their own jewels (in the colors of the values) to place in the pocket of their dolls.

 We have presented a different value each month and have asked different people in our ward to present the value lesson.  We have incorporated the value color with the lesson in hopes that as they see the color in their every day life they will recognize the value it goes with.  This also has allowed the girls to get to know some of the other sisters in Relief Society.  We have different colored table cloths for each value and also a poster of the value statement that we recite after the theme each Sunday.
    R. Robbins -  Pocatello, Idaho

 Each time the YW complete a value we gave them a wooden heart painted in the value color.  They were about 1 inch in diameter.  When they had the completed set the 1st four hearts are turned upside down and the last 3 are right side up to sit on top.  It's really cute and the girls loved them.

At the beginning of this year, we bought an "electric" candle (battery-operated with a Christmas lightbulb as the "flame") for each girl. Each month, as the new monthly value is introduced, a bulb in the color of the value is passed out to each girl, so she can put it on her candle and be reminded of the value! 
Each month for the first seven months, make a simple quilt block for the monthly value. Once a month for the last five months, piece together and tie the quilts! If they are done simply, each girl can have one! 
With each value having a designated color, we use that month's value color as a table cloth and we also have little poems that tell what that color stands for. This helps the girls think more about that month's value. 
Our ward does a monthly interview with the young women, one on one, to track their progress and encourage continued work in their personal progress books. It also helps us to become acquainted with each girl on a person level, and bond friendships with them.

  Brenda - Lee's Summit, Missouri 
In a ward I visited recently they had thoughts for the theme of that month. On their birthday they are presented with a binder to put all their thoughts into. The binder was nicely put together with the Young Women's Theme on the front, with ribbons representing the different values. 
In our branch of about 7 Young Women, we made signs for each value. We painted pictures that had something to do with each value. Then we attached a piece of string or yarn and used it for the correct month. We all had something we were proud of.

  Maggie Wittwer - Las Vegas, New Mexico 
We had a big kickoff to start the Values cyle all over again with the theme "Aspire Higher". We used hot air balloon decorations with the value colors (of course) and a picture of each girl on the balloon. Each leader came into the room dressed in her corresponding color, holding baloons of that color and a banner with that value on it (made previously by a Laurel). Each leader talked about some of the long range goals a girl could have for that particular value (mission, career, college degree, etc). We told the girls that they have 2 books to help them with setting and achieving goals...their personal progress book and the scriptures! Then we gave them a special bookmark we had made that had "Aspire Higher" written on one side, the 7 values written on the other side and 7 colored ribbons coming out of the end that they could use to mark 7 scriptures at one time. It was a big hit!

    Trina Boice - Alpharetta, Georgia 
For New Beginnings we gave out a wooden doll that stood on a base of seven hearts. Each month as the girls did their Personal Progress we gave them clothing for their doll. We gave out slips, dresses, socks, shoes, bonnets, Bibles, Personal Progress books, veils, value color bows for bonnets, aprons, pantaloons and perl necklaces. This was a great motivator for the girls.

    Kristi Jolley - Las Vegas, Nevada 
Every month we have a different value as a theme. At the front of our Young Women's Room, on the table, is a colored tablecloth and a poster of the value. Every Fast Sunday, at the begining of the month, a special speaker comes into Young Women's and gives a devotional on the meaning of the value for that month.

    Natalie Cook - Logan, Utah 
Keeping with the theme this year, we had a brother in the ward make tiny handcarts that the girls assembled with the help of their fathers for an activity night. We then purchased and had girls paint miniatures to go into their cart: a bible painted white for faith, a candlestick, rolling pen, etc., painted the color of the value they represent. At a combined lesson, the hardcart idea was presented: The pioneers were allowed only to bring their most valued possessions with them, items that would serve them well. We also on our journey in life will have a successful journey only if we take with us the things that are most important, our values. It was a 35 minute presentation and this is only a synopsis, but then the girls were challenged, starting with faith, to pass off two values each month. Our tablecloths and activities for that month go along with that particular value. The first Sunday of the next month the girls achieving the goal receive the miniature to put in their handcart.

    Tami Stephens - Kaysville, Utah