YW in Excellence

Our theme for our YW in Excellence is "The Amazing Race".  One of our advisors is a marathon runner and has overcome some serious physical hardships in order to be able to run.  She is going to share her story with them and relate it to life as a race and the obstacles we have to overcome.  Our invitations are tied onto a water bottle with shoelaces.  We are going to have a "runway" decorated with running shoes, finish line etc where they walk down with whatever they choose to display and we will read something about them written by their parents.  We are going to have some different unity building games they can play with their parents and have some refreshments.   The centerpieces will be either running shoes or other race memorabilia. We hope it goes well!

We just had a tremendous Young Women in Excellence.The theme was "Remember Who You Are".  The invitations were a cut out of a hand, and we glued a ribbon on one of the fingers.  On the front of the invitation was the word, "Remember".  When you opened the card it continued, "Who You Are".  Then it listed the details of time and place,etc.. Since it was fall, we decorated with all fall colors.  We used little baskets for center pieces on the tables, and filled them with apples, small squash, and the little pumpkins.  We had a small branch of silk fall leaves sticking out of them. We had a display table to showcase things the girls have done throughout the year.
We had a slide presentation made from Greg Olsen's book, "I Am a Child of God".  We had a wonderful speaker who talked about how she gained her testimony of who she is.  The musical number was, "What Heaven Sees in You", from the CD, "Woman of Destiny".  The Young Women President and the the Bishop gave brief remarks, and we ended with the hymn, "I Am a Child of God". For handouts, we used little wooden hands painted flesh colored with red fingernail polish.  We tied a small ribbon around the index finger, glued a small mirror in the middle of the hand, and then wrote the word, "Remember", at the base of the hand.  We glued a magnet on the back. It was a lovely evening.  The spirit was wonderful, and everyone left feeling great

Well, I just got called to yw. we are actually planning our yw in excellence night tonight. An idea I'll submit is a model-runway type night. Depending on how much time you have you can add alot to it or not. The main idea is to have the young women make something. depending on time... boxers, capris, scrunchy, decorate old pants. etc... Another cute idea is to do flipflops buy cheap ones 1.97 at walmart or use their own decorate with beads faux rhinestones, value color material scraps knotted whatever. If you have enough wks. Do that the first week. 2nd week do hair care/make-up. 3rd wk color drape/modest dress/flattering styles/posture. 4th week
excellence night. Make a runway for the girls to walk. show off what they made or thing learned from past month mutuals. while they are walking leaders read a
paragraph of hobbies, activities what they're involved in etc... Girls stop center stage get asked a question.... favorite mutual this yr? a value question? which value would you consider your self a strong example of etc... If you do ask value questions you could at the end reward the girls with a ribbon or sash according to value question. You can even make crowns of ribbon and wire. Use the cheap stuff at walmart 33 cents a spoll. They have all the colors. You could title the night standing tall, standing
proud. Our young women of royal birth. young women royalty. etc... If you have any questions e mail me.  This might be too late but you might be able to use it for something else.  e mail here

ThE DaISy GirL!,
Summer Allen

We made unique and personal testimony books for the young women in our stake which included testimonies from family members; ward and stake Young Wolmen leaders, ward and stake priesthood leaders; Sister Margaret D. Nadauld (Young Women General President); and President Gordon B. Hinckley.  Each testimony book was the size of a half-page piece of paper and had the individual girl's name printed on the front.  We bound them with plastic comb bindings.  There were blank pages at the back each book for additional thoughts and testimonies.  These books could be presented for almost any ward or stake special YW event (New Beginnings, YW Recognition, Standards Night, or ward conferences).  For detailed instructions on formatting these books, including the graphics and assembly instructions,
    e mail me here

Because we are in a very urban setting, and the numbers of active girls are quite low (20 girls), we have our YW in Excellence as a Stake Fireside. At the beginning of 1997 we asked each ward to begin thinking of and working on something to present, as a ward, in the fireside. Each ward worked together on their YW in excellence personal progress goal, thus promoting togetherness, and used several of their Tuesday night activities to accomplish this. For some wards it was crafty - others, more spiritual. The night of the fireside was set up with an introduction from the Stake YW pres, then each ward had a time allotment, depending on ward size (ranging from 10 girls to 1). Each ward used music in some way, and then discussed what they had worked on that year. In this way each girl participated in a way that was comfortable for her. A member of the Stake Presidencey gave the closing remarks and we then had refreshments and were able to look at some of the tangible things the girls had done that year.
    Jane Jones - London, England 
For our Young Women in Excellence, when I was one of the young women, we had a night of honor.  Our leaders treated it like a court of honor for an Eagle Scout award and we had our parents get up and share their feelings about us and our acheivements.  We also had the bishop speak to us.  We had refreshments, and each of us that were receiving our medallions felt very special, and felt pleased to know we were recognized for our great accomplishments.  I hope to use this in our Young Womens program in our ward!!!

    Tina Skolmoski - Sandy, Utah 
This year we are having our camp girls perform their skit they did at camp for their parents.  They really "excelled" in the planning and performing of this skit and we felt it was a great example of growth.  We also are using all of the handouts from Sunday to "decorate" the tables to show the parents what we have stressed this year in the Sunday lessons.  Then we give each girl an opportunity to set up her own "table" to display those items which represent her own personal growth, stressing one or more of our values.    We offer the girls the opportunity to decorate, plan the program, and create a dessert table for our refreshments.  That way there  are even more opportunities to provide the girls with ways to excel, and "show off" a little for their parents.  Thus, "Young Women in Excellence" is a literal theme for our event.

    Jeanie Opfel - Mesa, Arizona 
We based our YW in Excellence theme on the story of the bristle cone pine.  We decorated with plain Christmas trees and pine cones, and gave each girl a wooden pine tree as a handout.  The lesson from the bristle cone pine tree is that each girl progresses at a different pace and that some girls have to overcome greater odds to show a little growth, but are progressing just the same.  I.

    Sharon Wilson - LaVerkin, Utah 
We had a "Hats Off to You" night.  The room was beautifully decorated with hats of all sorts.  Desert was little cakes for the girls in the shape of a hat and a big cake in the shape of a hat for everyone else.  The girls demonstrated what they had worked on for the year of course.  A poem was read as we the leaders took turns demonstrating  the hats the girls will all wear in their life. The parents loved the evening.  Invitations were sent out on a folded 3 corner hat.

    Donna McMurry - Allen, Texas 
My ward has not done this but my co-worker's ward does an entire sacrament meeting for Y.W.I.E. then has an open house that evening where the whole ward is invited to see the girls' displays and eat refreshments.

    Nicky Fike - Provo, Utah